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Most likely, you can sell your offering to a wide variety of markets and customers. And when you review your existing or previous customer base, you may see all sorts of clients, different by type, size, geography and more. But, there is a unique group that are really the best fit for what you do. These are your ideal clients and they are the right place to start accelerating your growth.

Have you taken the time to understand this group and these individuals? Do you know their market, their needs and pain points and the journey they take when purchasing? Do you know the influencers and buyers and how their roles and needs vary? How about their budget, and their timeframes for buying? Do you know what your client’s customers are looking for, so you can set your client up for success?


You have limited time and resources, so focus on where you can have the greatest impact. Amplify will help you find your ideal target clients fast.


Accelerating your growth can only occur if your clients and prospects are listening, learning and getting the right signals. The challenge is understanding their needs and figuring out where their attention is focused and what matters in their world.

At AMPLIFY we start by making certain you’re communicating to your clients and prospects, not past them. Then, when they’re listening, we engage them so they learn your story, your value, how you can help them and why they want to work with you.

This can’t happen in one long email, or a single call that comes from out of the blue. Rather, we implement a program with multiple touch points, the right intervals and the right message so you stay top of mind and relevant.


The sales cycle for the right customers takes time and daily commitment. You’ve done the upfront work to find the ideal Target, you’ve researched, listened and learned how to Engage them and have their attention. Now, you need to win their business.

Think how busy you are and all you have going on. Your prospects are the same. Companies buy at the pace of their business, not yours and people buy from people; so tread respectfully and patiently. Stay connected and consistent, and appropriately engage them. Don’t overwhelm, or they will be gone in a heartbeat

AMPLIFY will help you develop effective conversion strategies and deliver on those tactics best suited to help you win customers and accelerate your growth.

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